With the holiday season right around the corner you’ve got to ask yourself: am I prepared to handle the millions of online shoppers looking to buy their favorite product? The past few months have shown us that online shopping isn’t slowing down any time soon and this Christmas season most folks will be getting their presents online. Not only do you want to serve your customers well, but you also want to make sure you’re growing your business. We’re going to show you a few methods for ensuring that you’ll serve your customers well and run your business more effectively.

So, you’ve dived into the wonderful world of e-commerce and are learning more and more about it each day. You’ve heard all about the blood, tears, sweat, and success that goes into making an e-commerce store successful and are primed to launch or continue growing your store. That’s awesome! But there’s one key metric that every successful e-commerce store keeps front of mind, and that’s Average Order Value.

Average Order Value, or AOV for short, is an important metric that can help you understand your total revenue and profit you’re making per order. It also gives insight into changes in…

For many e-commerce companies, the option to advertise through Facebook has opened up an entire world (literally!) of opportunity and new customers. According to Facebook’s own statistics, 1.6 billion people around the globe are connected to small business on Facebook. That’s a lot of potential sales!

Good News for Facebook Advertisers

74% of individuals earning over $75,000 (USD) are on Facebook. And the 1.62 billion visitors to the platform every day click on an average of 11 ads per month.

But it’s not just about clicks and sales. Facebook ads provide the best targeting options for ads anywhere. The better you know your customers, the…

Augustas Štaras, Motion Finance founder

Motion Finance is excited to announce the launch of our accessible, practical financing service designed for eCommerce and online businesses. We are passionate about helping businesses accelerate their growth! Here’s how we’re helping:

· Funding for paid digital advertising (eg. Google/Facebook ads)

· Quick online application (no paperwork!) for funding up to €15,000

· Unbiased application assessment process: our proprietary algorithm assesses your business’ potential

· Repayment through revenue-sharing: pay a fixed percentage of your weekly sales so if your business slows down, your repayments slow down

· No compound interest, no deadlines!

Many online and eCommerce business have the…

Motion Finance

Provider of alternative marketing financing to e-commerce and online business. Get funded and start selling more!

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